Saturday, 11 January 2014

To Smile or Not to Smile...

SMILE be your own best friend

DAY 11

Behind the Paper Smile

Lips stutter into a curve.

Pegged at the corners,

This brittle smile

Sticks to my teeth,

And clutches at my heart.


Just pure resignation.

Gillian Holland copyright 2014


Today I want to continue my exploration of Smiling. I am really snowed under at the moment. So I greeted the beautiful crisp winter's morning with a snarl rather than I smile.  Turning the TV on, I then became fascinated by the guy being interviewed.  As he spoke, his face hardly moved a muscle. His lips snapped back and forth with  mechanical precision. Not much life there either?

Well at least I wasn't the only one struggling!!! So entranced was I that I then I decided to practise my own smile.  Fortunately, hubby was sitting in the other room at the time. The result was the piece, Paper Smile, above. Not a happy smile!

My paper smile had no energy behind it, and certainly no joy.  Just an obligation to get myself out there, whilst hiding my true feelings, in deep denial, 'behind the paper smile.'

The 'Pause and Smile' smile comes from a different space altogether. For one thing, you are saying 'Yes to Life' and you don't have to pretend to like it. Rather than denying your feelings, acknowledge them from the 'bottom of your heart'. Have some compassion for yourself.  Give yourself permission to be you. Although you may still have a huge to do list,  your attitude will have shifted altogether. 

So today if I catch myself hiding behind the paper smile once again.  I am going to stop, smile and give myself permission to be ME!


  1. I thought of the comment on your bookmark today: "The distance between heaven and earth is just a smile", as I waited, first at the Post Office and then the store to buy a pint of milk (our Tesco is closed for enlargement!) and made myself smile as I finally got to the counter. It did make a difference. I pictured you in your room, practising your smile. Here is my piece for the day.

    Turning out of a driveway
    Into a busy road,
    I hesitate.
    Parked cars give me no view,
    I pluck up my courage
    And drive out.
    The road is empty!
    I thank the angels.

  2. I had completely forgotten the comment on the bookmark. I bought mine earlier so it has another saying on it. Obviously one of my lessons.
    I will remember your piece this evening when I go out to Whipsnade to give readings - somewhere I haven't been before. I have to admit its been quite a day so far. It definitely does make a difference at shop counter.xx