Saturday, 18 January 2014

Step into the Silence

Step into the Silence

DAY 18

Step into the Silence


Take my hand,

Step into the Silence

Crack open the Fear

Taste life's sweet mystery,

Defrosting your bones.

copyright Gillian Holland 2014


Change is the one given in all our lives, and yet its one of our greatest fears....

The globe is on the verge of huge change, I think we can all feel it. Wouldn't it be wonderful to all link hands across the world to take the huge leap forward together into the unknown.

We fear what we don't know, but if we take Spirits hand, trust our intuition, I believe we can all be guided towards bright new beginnings for the benefit of all.


Friday, 17 January 2014

Take off

one......two.....three.......lift off

DAY 17

Take off

Feet caressing velvety green soil

She sighs


As the weight of the world,

  Slips from her shoulders

Takes flight

 copyright Gillian Holland 2014

Thursday, 16 January 2014

A breath of fresh air

About Time Too.....

DAY 16

About time

You looked

 in the Mirror


         Saw who you really are;

      A breath of fresh air.

                       copyright Gillian Holland 2014

Day 16

Every day is a brand new day.  We get up each morning, many of us in a bit of a daze, glance in the mirror,
searching for the new grey hair or wrinkle and then slouch down to breakfast.  Hardly an inspiring start to the day.

It doesn't have to be that way. Each day is a brand new, and has brand new opportunities....Look beyond the physical form and all our labels, back to Source energy.  We each hold a small piece of the Divinity in our hearts.  It is light energy and pure consciousness. Yes, we are all light beings, miles away from the 'could do betters' we see ourself as.

Each morning as you look in the mirror, pause, take a deep breath in and  let your Spirit inspire you.  Begin each day with a fresh approach. 

 You really are a 'breath of fresh air'.


Snapshot from Heaven

If only.........

DAY 15

Snapshot from Heaven

If only you could see yourself
The way I see you;




When it comes to seeing ourselves clearly, we make the mistake of comparing ourselves to other people, which means we don’t scrub up well.  This, of course it has nothing to do with the way things actually are.

I have a very dog-eared shot of me as a tot smiling into the camera without a care in the world.  I started to think of the eyes of the person taking the shot. I believe it was Dad, who's been up in heaven for a long long time. This short piece is his message to me from heaven. 

We very often wrap ourselves in a dark cloak of self-doubt and poor self-image, imagine we are less than.  The reality is that even though we have a physical form, we are all far greater than that.  We are Spirit, and all connected and part of Source energy.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

60 years on

All Saints Church Kings Langley - 

DAY 14


60 years on, Dad,

I picked up your photo.

You are smiling at me,



I am smiling back

               copyright Gillian Holland 2014


The piece I wrote yesterday was very short and to the point.  In fact, I wrote it the night before and left the musings out altogether knowing Monday was going to be hectic.  Somewhere at the back of my mind, I heard a whisper 'Don't worry it's going to write itself!'......and that is exactly what happened!

....And... Monday, yesterday turned out to be the most magical day and no-where near as frenetic as I had expected.

To start with a friend of mine sent me a piece of her own work, which really inspired me.  Something she wrote made me realise how amid life's hurly burly, we can lose our taste for life because we get bogged down in practicalities

I do find January quite taxing!!!  So much to be done...and of course books to be balanced. January is never a doddle even though Santa's long hung up his sack.

And then something quite miraculous happened.  A photo of my Dad dropped out onto the floor.....I just lost myself in his smile.  All the years dropped away, and there he was the Spirit of my beautiful Father, smiling his encouragement.  Just the tonic I needed.

If you have a second or two, spend a moment either out in nature or watching the world go by from your window.  You won't be disappointed. There's a lot of magic still out there. 

Gillian Holland  

Monday, 13 January 2014

Silence is Golden

Silence is Golden

DAY 13

Silently now

                             I wait for the in-breath.

It comes,

                        When I least expect it

                             copyright Gillian Holland 2014

Sunday, 12 January 2014

I am enough

I am enough

DAY 12


I am here


That is enough

                  Gillian Holland 2014


Today is Sunday.  It heralds new beginnings and is the foundation for the rest of the week. 

Being here, now, is the blank canvas from which everything else springs.

So acknowledging our being determines whether we take flight or just flap as we open

the door to the next chapter in our lives.