Sunday, 12 January 2014

I am enough

I am enough

DAY 12


I am here


That is enough

                  Gillian Holland 2014


Today is Sunday.  It heralds new beginnings and is the foundation for the rest of the week. 

Being here, now, is the blank canvas from which everything else springs.

So acknowledging our being determines whether we take flight or just flap as we open

the door to the next chapter in our lives.



  1. This piece made me think of "Are We as Smart as Geese?" So glad to be in the same flock as you, flying - but sometimes flapping- in V-formation soaring above in the space between the clouds.

  2. Hi Gwen - that's lovely and very eloquent in its own write 'space between the clouds' Isn't it the geese that take turns at being at the helm?

  3. That's lovely, Gillian. And the geese image too. Here is my piece.

    Still daylight,
    Sky a milky blue,
    The moon.
    Like a pale wafer,
    Peers through the bare branches
    of a tree.

  4. I love 'The moon like a pale wafer, peers through the bar branches of a tree'.
    Its almost as if I can taste it,so you could say the imagery is delicious.
    Very inspiring first thing in the morning your piece has brought me out of the mind and back into the body. The flavour of this piece, has made me pause and relish life's magic.