Friday, 10 January 2014

Pause and Smile

Why pausing amid the life's hurly burly puts some of the Spirit back into your Life!


Today's an angry day,

An 'I'd rather stay 

Under the duvet kind of day'.

It snaps at my heels,

Whipping me into action,

Pulling me into

A space I'd rather not be.


As the in-breath comes,

I pause

And smile,

At the little girl

Who masks her despair,

With a glued on smile

And her willingness to dance 

To some-one else's tune,

Until now.

copyright Gillian Holland 2014


A lot of us grit our teeth and just get on with life.

The outside world puts so many demands on us, there's genuinely 

little room to take good care of ourselves.

That's where the pause and smile come in.  It completely alters the way your see yourself.

Gritting your teeth is a bit like pushing your way through treacle: hard, hard work.

When you pause and smile, yes, quite literally smile at yourself, you start seeing your

self in a completely new light. One that really lights up your life!  The mere act of softening 

your approach to YOU brings a few self-realisations along the way.  These can really 

transform your life. 

Like the one I had this morning. Try it!  Have a magical, light-filled day

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  1. Not mad at all. In fact, I am full of admiration for your daily posts of wisdom. Are you thinking of making them into a little booklet.

    Here's mine for today.

    Does God weep?
    I often wonder.
    Since we are made in His image,
    Perhaps He weeps through us.