Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Land of my Fathers


I can see clearly now…
The Land of My Fathers calling me home.
Back to the Fens, to East Anglia,
Where land and water morph and meld
And life’s sweet mysteries dance in the air.....
Beyond word
            Beyond definition
            into the Silence
To affirm life’s magic and to release life’s pain.
To surrender to its shifting waters
bearing me through life’s twists and turns
Back to the place I know as home 
Where I am free to be ME

I watched Neil Oliver’s excellent programme on Sacred Landscape last night and was taken into an altered state of consciousness akin to an ecstatic state. He talks about the sacred nature of the Fens and our ancestors response to it.


  1. When I read this, Gillian, under Oakhart, I did not realise it was you! I made a note to tell you about it. See my comment there. I meant to watch Neil Oliver, but got caught up in Poirot, I am somewhat addicted to Poirot!

    Here's mine.

    Daphne Radenhurst
    January 7, 2014 at 12:23 pm
    Aftermath of my Twelth Night party,
    Crumpled paper napkins and silverfoil from chocolates,
    Crumbs on the carpet, on the tablecloth,
    Remnants of the ‘galette’, (12th night cake),
    Empty bottles, glasses, some half full,
    Heap of Christmas cards, to be looked at later,
    Pile of washing up in the sink,
    Still in the air
    Conversation and laughter,
    Toast to Happy New Year!
    Two crowns, one gold, one silver.

    I realise I have been spelling twelfth wrong, wondered why it was always underlined in red. On the Continent this night (Epiphany) is sometimes celebrated with a special cake ‘galette’ in which are concealed two small figurines. Whoever finds them is crowned King and Queen for the night. A very nice custom, I always think, and as we have a French bakery in Bath ……

    Some stones seem to come to me ready made, others I have to work away at.

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  4. oh yes Daphne I would agree with you there. Some stones are more grace filled than others. Love your imagery. Once again you express the aftermath of Christmas so well. For me theres a touch of nostalgia threaded into your work - the Galette?

  5. Both these pieces are so magical and mythical. Love learning about other cultural customs and sacred sites that seem to resonate deep in the heart and soul of the Collective Unconscious.