Tuesday, 14 January 2014

60 years on

All Saints Church Kings Langley - 

DAY 14


60 years on, Dad,

I picked up your photo.

You are smiling at me,



I am smiling back

               copyright Gillian Holland 2014


The piece I wrote yesterday was very short and to the point.  In fact, I wrote it the night before and left the musings out altogether knowing Monday was going to be hectic.  Somewhere at the back of my mind, I heard a whisper 'Don't worry it's going to write itself!'......and that is exactly what happened!

....And... Monday, yesterday turned out to be the most magical day and no-where near as frenetic as I had expected.

To start with a friend of mine sent me a piece of her own work, which really inspired me.  Something she wrote made me realise how amid life's hurly burly, we can lose our taste for life because we get bogged down in practicalities

I do find January quite taxing!!!  So much to be done...and of course books to be balanced. January is never a doddle even though Santa's long hung up his sack.

And then something quite miraculous happened.  A photo of my Dad dropped out onto the floor.....I just lost myself in his smile.  All the years dropped away, and there he was the Spirit of my beautiful Father, smiling his encouragement.  Just the tonic I needed.

If you have a second or two, spend a moment either out in nature or watching the world go by from your window.  You won't be disappointed. There's a lot of magic still out there. 

Gillian Holland  


  1. This is very beautiful, and moving, Gillian. You asked in WTW forum our opinion on two pieces you had written. I read the first one and it immediately resonated with me. I remember a couple of years or so ago coming on a photo of my mother, smiling, when we were on holiday in Switzerland together. The feeling of happiness coming from the photo startled me. I had no recollection of it, and yet it was there. For me, the first one worked better. Are
    you enjoying the course?

  2. thanks Daphne. First if all I think I may have missed your own post? Is it on own forum. Really pleased.you understood from your own experience. It was such a powerful moment gave me so any realisations based on the dark clouds of loss. I hadnt expected the course to hit me like this but did have some reservations as I mentionrd yesterday. Are you also enjoying it

  3. I am struck by the sense that your Dad has been waiting a long, long time to see you smile at him. I also feel, resolution and closer somehow. How your writing is impacting me, Gillian! Like I am being hit by the crescendo of a huge ocean wave - hard to stay steady on my feet with the sand shifting beneath them.

    1. Hallo Gwen. Thanks for your comment. Pleased you picked up on the wave, because that was my intent. Not to knock you off you feet, but to show that life moves in waves and cycles and we have to move along with them. In-breath and out-breath; out-breath and in