Sunday, 26 January 2014

Peace comes

 Sixties Scary!

DAY 25

Peace comes

When imperfection knocks at my door,


I let her in

copyright Gillian Holland 2014


Did I ever look like that? 

 Well....I admit to having a baker boy hat and some very bright floral orange flares.  How trendy is that?  Back in the 60's I was much more interested in fashion than anything else.  I do admit to being a 'dedicated follower of fashion' not in a big, big way, but big enough to cause me a few heart-aches.  I had long wavy hair that couldn't be coaxed into straight like Sandie Shaw's. 

But, like the rest of my generation, I spent an age in front of the mirror trying to create the right look. I guess the difference between then and now is that as the younger generation we were all looking for an identity that set us apart from our olds.

These days, however I see things from the other side of the coat hanger, and am trying to deflect the rigid labels our youngsters conjure up for us, and so I shall defiantly 'wear purple' as poet Jenny Joseph says.

So what if my purple coat doesn't go with my bright red shoes and tartan nail polish! And just who says they don't anyway???

Doing something different is the stuff of life. It's really nourishing to the Soul. Trying to achieve great heights is exhausting. So today, when imperfection comes to call, I shall throw the door wide open, go out to play with her, and have a blast. Playing around with ideas that lead to inspirations is a totally different and much more life enhancing vibe.Fancy joining me?



  1. pity about the rain. outside. And to think how much I loved jumping in puddles when a tot. The trick is not to be deterred by outside conditions but what lies in your heart. So if you have it in your heart to go jump in a puddle and catch a rotten cold then do be itx

  2. Yes, today was a rotten day. My singing friends joined me today, my 79 year young friend told me she'd had her hair died red! Actually it was a very tasteful dark auburn, rich with red lights. Our singing was very imperfect, but we kept at it and at the end decided we hadn't idled our day away. I was in Paris when I was young and despaired of ever achieving the chic of the French girls. Now I jusr aim at being comfortable. As usual, you say so much in a few words.

  3. Love the idea of rich auburn hair. Funnily enough the friend I had coffee with in the week had also dyed her hair red. Love it! Interestingly enough I was talking specifically about the year I spent in Switzerland as a young woman. But French woman generally are so chic. Thankyou