Sunday, 26 January 2014

Let me eat cake!

Today I shall eat cake ......and enjoy it

DAY 26

A piece of cake

Is like a slice of life.

You have to stop 


Savour it!

copyright Gillian Holland 2014


You could say there's never a right time to eat a piece of cake! But there's a part of me that says if you are determined to eat it, you might as well enjoy it.  Now how many people can truthfully say they eat without one iota of guilt?  ....

Food like life is a fiesta for all our senses; the colours and textures on the plate, the setting, ambient atmosphere soft candle light as well, various flavours complementing each other. All of these things contribute to creating a satisfying meal.  The thing is, if we take the time to savour each morsel we don't actually need as much to satisfy our Souls either. Its a win:win situation.

So many of us eat on the run, and life our lives on the run, but enjoy it, I mean truly enjoy it?  Today I am going to make a really conscious effort to savour each morsel I eat.  I am also going to take a moment to ask myself whether if Life is what I am really hungering after rather than food....

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