Thursday, 23 January 2014


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Day 23

Small stones,

    Hidden gems,

The world at my feet.

copyright 2014 Gillian Holland


Yesterday was great fun.  Haven't laughed so much in ages, and haven't been over to Watford in ages either.  

Armed with my trusty bus pass, and after much umming and arrring, I took to the transport system like a duck takes to water, and had a wonderful day with a good friend I haven't seen in quite a while.  What was different?  

I decided the day was going to be magical

and.....IT WAS!

Here I was at yet another crossroads in my life, determined not to drive, yet determined to just get out. Life's for living after all!

I definitely didn't want to drive into the awful one-way traffic system, or for that matter park in car parks that actually don't give you much room for manoeuvre. Last time I was there, I wedged the car against a huge concrete pillar, and had to scramble (very undignified) over the passenger seat to get out...and of course I was already late.  If it hadn't been for a 'passing hero' I'd still be there today! He, of course, as only heroes can, managed to reverse the car without so much as a scratch. 

Yesterday's trek, I vowed was going to be different ...and much more fun....and it was.  The reason for this is quite simple; I took time out to 'Remember who I AM!'  As my writing says, the world really does lay at our feet when we remember to remember this. We are, as the saying goes, divine beings having a human experience. The bleakest of stones becomes the most radiant gem when we remember WE ARE LOVE. Let love, the foundation of our wonderful universe, be the foundation of your day.

Have a magical day



  1. This is lovely, Gillian. I do like your sense of humour. Everything you say is so true.