Wednesday, 22 January 2014


Hmmmm  haven't we been this way before?


DAY 21


There are many ways

 To cook an egg,


 Just give me a clue

copyright Gillian Holland 2014

Now let me see. What was it Neil Armstrong said when he stepped onto the moon? 'One small step for man, a gigantic one for mankind'?  Think my own steps have been leading me a merry dance, you know the one called 'ever decreasing circles'.

There's one small thing we all forget to factor into the equation, 'gravity'.  Much easier to prance around on the moon when you don't have to worry about gravity dragging you back down to earth like an avenging angel.

When we are inspired to create something, it generally takes a while for it to take shape on earth. And that's okay, because there are several stages involved in the art of manifestation. Put simply, we stand a much greater chance of success if we ease our way down the mountain-side,  rather than launch straight from the top.

Each step represents a different level of consciousness which needs to be aligned with our hearts desire. Now here's the important bit

That crossroad may look the same,
but you have just approached it
 from a different direction (level of awareness and that's good).
You are not on a treadmill.
Life is a dance a spiral,
Each time taking you closer to your destination

Now isn't the time to frump and grump and dash into the undergrowth. It's time to take stock, get out your compass,do a bit of tweaking if that's necessary. Stop! Look (really look) at the signposts! And listen to the whispers It's definitely not the moment to beat yourself up,but to give yourself a huge pat on the back, and to recognise just how far you have come.

Remember the way you approach any crossroads can make all the difference to achieving your goal. Apparently this week is the week you are most likely to give up on your new years resolutions!  You have reached a really important threshold.  Stop! Look! Listen! Remember here on earth we only have to take one tiny step at a time, but that can still make the world of a difference.

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  1. I love the humour. Growing signs of desperation, I feel.