Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Spirit of the chair

Spirit of the Chair

Preparing for take off.

My chair

My green chair

My magical green chair.

My everything I could ever want

 in a chair chair

We giggle together

Play together.

Dream together

Journey together.

Write together.

copyright Gillian Holland 2014


I am fascinated by Space, and how we use it, and that's not always to our advantage by the way.

I'm into my second reading of one of Dr Wayne Dyers most recent books 'Wishes Fulfilled.' He stresses just how important it is to dream and devote time to visualising our dreams as if they are already happening.  

We all need a trusted friend to share our hopes and dreams with. But one of our deepest fears is that if we share too openly they might get trampled all over and disappear into a puff of deflating smoke.

That's where my chair comes in. The one thing I know for certain, is that this silent companion will never spill the beans on my ambitions.  It's getting quite old and battered now, but I like the familiar squashy friendliness enveloping me when I plop myself down into it in preparation to write, or to meditate.

It is completely my space, a space where I can play around with ideas and words and dreams; somewhere I am not limited by other peoples ideas about me and where I can be as wild and wacky as I want to be. Who says I can't be a world famous and fabulously rich author, or the first dumpy sixty year old to swim all the seven seas!!!! The sky's the limit.

A chair, your own special chair is ideal, because it doesn't take up too much space yet its still remains your very own chair. It's imbued with your energy. And yes I do believe its worth fighting for. We just don't allocate ourselves enough me time or dream time, and without that, whether you are a writer or not life becomes too much of a drudge.

Get dreaming and remember the sky's the limit.

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